Tips for Choosing a Destination and Having a Rewarding Travel Experience

No two travelers are alike. Everyone has different personalities, likes, dislikes, budgets, and comfort levels. And what works for one, may not necessarily work for others. Before deciding on a destination, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions…

What regions or locations interest you? Why?
How long do you have to travel? One week, one month, longer?
What’s your travel Budget?
Do you prefer traveling alone or in a group?
What’s your desired style of travel? Hotels, resorts, hostels, camping etc?

The answers to these questions are important, because they’ll go along way towards making sure you give yourself the best chance to have a richly rewarding travel experience.

It’s also important to consider the local economy and the exchange rate of your preferred destination and how far your money will travel. Certain regions of the world cost more, so consider your destinations carefully.

Other important travel tips to consider…

Try and leave room for flexibility in your schedule. You’ll meet people who recommend great places you’ve never heard of, you’ll discover interesting tours, and places you thought you only needed one day in you’ll need three.
Spend a Longer Amount of Time in Fewer Places…Why? It costs you less. Moving around from city to city costs you money. Transport can really eat into your budget, so instead of racing through cities and states, get to know a region well.
Travel Like the Locals on Public Transport as Much as Possible. you get great knowledge and insight by hanging with the locals, it costs you less, and is a more authentic travelling experience.
Make a list of your must do activities, then just walk around and immerse yourself in the local day to day activities and heartbeat of the place, and get tips and information from the locals.
Try and avoid touristy restaurants. Just go one street or one block over and it will usually be much cheaper and more authentic! And when dining out, go for breakfast or lunch as it’s usually cheaper than dinner.

For free or cheap entertainment options consider…

DIY hikes.
Exploring local markets.
Walking around town taking photos.
Take advantage of free museum days.
Hire a Bike and explore nearby areas.
Climb a local mountain with views of a city or coastline

and of course, make the most of any Happy Hours!

If you think you might find yourself stretched thin on your budget and merely traveling for the sake of traveling without experiencing anything, we highly suggest you shorten the length of your vacation and give yourself more disposable cash for each day.

I believe travel is all about creating memories and you wont have many fond memories if all you do is sit around all day counting how many days you have left.

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